Physics Division Public Talks / 2024 RPM Talks

28 Mar
Chiara P. Salemi
Seeing the Invisible: The Search for Axion Dark Matter
21 Mar
Tom Shutt
GamaTPC: a powerful new MeV gamma ray instrument concept
07 Mar
Cameron Geddes
LBL Accelerator Division
05 Mar
Roy Aleksan
Status of the Future Circular Collider (FCC)
29 Feb
Petra Merkel
Detectors for Future Colliders
22 Feb
Zhen Liu
The Next Leap: Physics Landscape of Future Colliders
06 Feb
Lindley Winslow
The Search for GUT-Scale Axions: Really Big Magnets and Quantum Sensing
01 Feb
Mariel Pettee
Towards a Foundation Model for Fundamental Physics
25 Jan
Phil Harris
You can observe a lot by just watching
18 Jan
Joseph Bramante
Future Wimps