Physics Division Public Talks / 2020 INPA Talks

18 Dec
Patrick Komiske
Title: Optimizing Particle Physics With Machine Learning
07 Dec
Tongyan Lin
Direct Detection of Sub-GeV Dark Matter with the Migdal Effect in Semiconductors
25 Nov
Sukanya Chakrabarti
Measuring accelerations: near & far
25 Nov
Liang Dai
A New Window Into the Universe: Gravitational Waves From Compact Binary Coalescence
24 Nov
Tomi Akindele
Antineutrinos as a Nuclear Safeguards Tool
24 Nov
Livia Ludhova
Juno: The First Multi-KTon Liquid Scintillator Based Neutrino Detector
24 Nov
Kev Abazajin
Arising nad Demising Dark Matter Signals on the Sky & the Potetnial of Future Searches
24 Nov
Juileta Gruszko
Shedding "Nu" Light on the Nature of Matter